The Tram at Gmunden, Austria

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In the town of Gmunden on Trauensee in Austria, there is a tram service which runs from the railway station down to the lakeside. The lower terminus used to be in the central square opposite the piers for the lake steamers, but it was cut back to reduce traffic congestion in the narrow streets. [Reinstating it is under discussion.] The tram runs along the main road at lakeside level before turning upwards towards the station. The line is 1000mm gauge, single track with 2 passing places, 2.3km long; the single fare was 16 Schillings in 1999. Car 10 (as pictured) was built in 1952 by Duewag as Vestische Straßenbahnen's number 341 and moved to Gmunden in 1974. There are 2 other modern cars (8 & 9), 2 historic (5 & 100), and works cars - all bar 8 second-hand!

Gmunden Tram 1

This picture shows the tram waiting at the lower terminus. The lakeside cafe across the road sells wonderful cream cakes.

Gmunden Tram 2

This is the sign on the tram stop.

Gmunden Tram 3

Here is the front of the tram, if it's on its way to the railway station - and the back if it's heading to the lake!

Gmunden Tram 4

En route!

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